Brooding On


I call this photo "Karma."  It was taken the day after this post went live about how Zander had been behaving badly and pestering the baby goats.  Well, he apparently pestered someone not-so defenseless and got what was coming to him.  Snake bite! 


He was a swollen, drooling mess for a day or so.  Some Benadryl and sympathy went a long way pretty quickly, and he was back to his old self in a matter of days. 


Because of his behavior with the babies, I've got a new routine for the critters.  During the day, Zander is penned and the baby goats are out in the field with the bigger goats.  Then, at night, Zander is released to patrol and spend time with the herd, and the babies are penned up near the barn.  I don't like having him penned for such large amounts of time each day, but until he can prove himself trustworthy with the wee ones, this will have to work.