Brooding On

Feeling Fall

Maybe it's the little dip in the temperatures, or perhaps it's that the kids are back in school.  But, I've been feeling fall lately.  I know you guys are, too, because my Pinterest feed is blowing up with fall mantle decorating ideas and cute fall outfits and pumpkin spice recipes. 

Nothing gets me more in the spirit of fall, though, than a stroll through our pumpkin patch.  I mean, isn't this a gorgeous pumpkin?  I just love my warty pumpkins!  We've got several varieties growing, but for now this one is my favorite.


The kids went back to school Monday, so I hopped right on the soap making.  I haven't made soap all summer long (I prefer not to expose the kids to the fumes), so I really enjoyed getting back to it.  I've got some fun new things headed your way this fall.  I'm not ready to reveal yet, but -- trust me -- it's going to be good.  :)

As for the pumpkins, I'll let you know when they're ready to go!