Brooding On

Eau de Fall

So, at Sunday breakfast at church, a friend and I were discussing the many fogs we've noted this August and what that may mean for the winter to come.  Then, I said something like, "I know.  Our buck is just pacing the fence, ready to be let into the ladies' field, but I really don't want to be dealing with babies in the middle of a snow storm, so he's just going to have to wait."  She was really kind about it, but as soon as it had escaped my lips I realized what I had done.  She was talking about the weather, and then I went and segued into goat sex.  Uggh.  I've apparently lost all social graces and should heretofore be banned from all human interactions beyond the bounds of this farm.

So, discussing impending goat sex over church breakfast is a bit of a faux pas, but within the confines of this blog, it is completely acceptable.  This blog is about this farm.  And, right now, this farm STINKS!  I mean, literally, it stinks.  It smells of buck in rut.  It's bad. 

 Oreo's collar is getting small and it's been awhile since I've trimmed his hooves, but he's on his own because I am NOT going into that field.  The last time I went into his field when he was in rut, things happened -- unspeakable things.  So, he will just have to deal. And, based on how "excited" he got the other day when the riding mower got near his fence line, I'm pretty sure I don't want in that field. 

Our builders had been enjoying breaks at our picnic table beneath the shade of a big tree, but they commented to John the other day that they hadn't been doing so lately because of its proximity to our stinky buck! 


For those who are unfamiliar, I will spare you the more gruesome details, but, like all bucks, Oreo has scent glands that kick into overdrive when he goes into rut in the fall.  This smell, along with the scent of urine with which he coats his entire body, is designed to attract the ladies.  Yep.  He's pretty stinky this time of year.  But, we put up with him because he throws such beautiful babies each year!