Brooding On

Hurricane Katrina -- 10 Years Ago Today

Where has the time gone? 

And, my -- how different our lives are today!  10 years ago, we were storm refugees.  But, we settled in an entirely new place.  And, the roots we've put down here are so deep that it's hard to believe they've just been growing for 10 years. 

We are different people for having lived through something like Hurricane Katrina.  I hope we are better, but I know we are different. 

If you're interested in our personal story of that time in our lives, check out these two posts, written three years ago:

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To our NOLA friends:  we miss you.  We miss that city.  We miss our church.  We miss our neighborhood.  And, today more than any other day of the year, you are in our thoughts and in our prayers.