Brooding On

Bad Zander!!

A couple days ago, my early morning herd count came up one short.  Solo was missing.  I called.  I searched on foot.  But seven acres of overgrown pasture is a lot to search on foot, so John and I began criss-crossing the field in the Ranger.  I had just about determined that we were dealing with a predator attack when we finally spotted her down under a tree.  Other than an injured leg and scraped up ear, she seemed to be okay. 

Since Zander has begun nipping at the babies' hind legs to keep them up with the rest of the herd, I knew immediately he was to blame.  I don't think he intends to harm, but he's still a pup and just a little too feisty with the younger, less assertive in our herd.  Looks like he'll have to be kept apart from my 3 babies for awhile. 

It's hard to stay mad at this little squishy, repentant face!  Still, this fella needs to figure out how he ranks around here.  Goats trump dogs.  Every time. 

The good news is that Solo is now putting a little weight on that hind right leg and seems to be enjoying all the TLC she's receiving up at the barn.  :)