Brooding On

It Could Be WAY Worse

For those of you who think I talk about my goats WAY too much or give you entirely too much information about their goings on, I submit this screenshot. . .


This comes directly from my Facebook newsfeed where it had been posted along with photos from said autopsy (I cut those out of the screenshot) on one of the goat health pages that I follow. 

As I'm posting video after video of floppy ears and bounding babies and teaching you more than you wanted to know about goat bloat and things of this nature, just know that it could be much worse.  Caring for goats does lead to some discussions that are none too pleasant, but I do try to spare you those things.  Owning goats has taken me back a time or two to topics that haven't been dinner table topics since our days parenting an infant, you know, like the consistency of poo, for example. 

However, it's mostly those who live under roof with me who are privy to those types of discussions.  I present to you guys all the cuteness, the occasional drama, and hopefully some laughs, but I'm hoping that I keep the "yuck!" to a minimum.   No autopsied bags of pus for you.  You're welcome.  :)