Brooding On

Those Ears!

Recently, a friend who follows this blog pretty closely was in the barn with me when this goat came in:  "Who is this one?" she asked, puzzled.   And, it occurred to me that even though we kept three of our babies this year, it's the other two girls who have gotten the most blog coverage. 

Solo was the first baby born this year, and her black and white spots and spunky personality made her a sensation.  Shake has, of course, gotten lots of blog love as she's grown from the diaper-donning-diva to the barn-broken-beauty and had to endure the sudden death of her mother. 

But, there is also Mrs. Hughes.  I love Mrs. Hughes.  At first, she didn't get a lot of attention around here.  Our kids seemed more drawn to the spotted goats, and Mrs. Hughes had much simpler markings.   But, Mrs. Hughes has earned her way into their hearts. 

She just has the sweetest personality.  She's quieter than the others (unless separated from her mom) and has become Shake's best friend.  These two are constantly together.  When the milkers are finished eating at the milkstands, I let these two cuties into the barn to finish up the feed left behind by their elders.  While Shake is more than happy hanging with the humans, Mrs. Hughes begins searching for momma as soon as she's finished eating.  That's when I pulled out my phone for this little video.

My two thoughts as I watch this video:

1.  Our spring babies are getting so big!

2.  Those ears!  I mean, really.  It's no wonder I love these critters so!