Brooding On

Farmhouse Construction Is Underway

Last week, I was off-farm from Tuesday through Sunday.  People, that is a BIG DEAL for me!  The girls and I headed to Oklahoma City where Girl 1 was competing in her national dance competition.  Staying in a hotel, freezing in the constant air-conditioning, and putting on makeup everyday had me feeling like a fish out of water a lot of the time.  But, the girls and I made the most of our vacation and covered lots of ground while we were there!


Wednesday, we arrived in time to enjoy a dinner on the Riverwalk.  I had no idea that Girl 2 was so afraid of ducks!  She liked them just fine while they were in the water, but as soon as they jumped out and came for our table, I thought she was going to dive into the canal to get away from them.  Seriously?  She loves chickens.  ??


Thursday, Girl 1 danced her solo beautifully in the morning, leaving the afternoon free for us to catch The Minion Movie and do a little shopping.  The girls had never been to one of the theaters with recliners for seats.  We were loving it!


Friday, we caught the zoo on free admission day!  Woo hoo!  First stop?  The petting zoo area -- had to see some goats! 

Me:  Are they Nigerian Dwarf goats? 

Zoo keeper:  I don't think so; they're a little big for that, but I'll ask. 

(Returning after having to ask several people before finding the answer) Zoo keeper:  You were right!  Nigerian Dwarf! 

As the Minions would say:  Boo! Ya!  Boo!  Ya!  Boo! Ya! 

After the zoo, we rode the water taxi and enjoyed the Riverwalk some more.  Each day, we attempted selfies.  Finally, we just decided to just embrace the fact that we take bad selfies.  :)


And, Saturday was spent mostly at the competition as Girl 1 danced two more numbers.  We did slip away for a few hours to check out the Botanical Gardens and have some hot dogs at the park.  By this point, I was having outdoor withdrawal, so just walking around the park was great.  Sunday, we made the LONG trek home.

While we were away, John single-handedly managed the farm and Saturday's market.  He's amazing like that.  Still, I think he was happy to go back to sharing farm chores once I got back home.  And, I cannot tell you how ready I was to get back to the farm.  About 30 minutes away from home, one of the girls announced that she needed a potty break.  Gripping the wheel with determination, all Cruella-Deville-like, I let her know that we were this close to the farm and were stopping for NOTHING!   

Thankfully, John was at the barn doing evening chores when we arrived.  I was dreading having to decide whether to stop at the house or barn first.  ;)

So, that was all LAST week.  What's been going on THIS week? 

Oh, you know, not much . . . only the FARMHOUSE IS OFFICIALLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!


On Monday, when the builders' trucks came rolling up the driveway, Boy asked excitedly, "Are they going to build the new house TODAY?!" Oh, dear.  This may be a LONG process.  We are all pretty excited about it, but he is definitely the one spending the most time on the front porch, enjoying his front row seat for all the action. 

A note to our customers and farm visitors:  Please use caution when driving up to the house/barn.  The construction site is VERY close to the existing driveway.  We have asked that the road to the barn be kept clear; however, we are already seeing that at some points in the process that will just not be possible.  When you text about picking up milk, there may be some days when I'll let you know that I need to meet you at the trailer or even further down the hill, depending on what's going on with construction that day.  Thanks for your patience!