Brooding On

Watermelon Festival is Underway!

This week there are big goings on in lil' ole Cave City.  Our annual Watermelon Festival is underway.  Folks turn out in droves to celebrate the World's Sweetest Watermelon and enjoy all the fun activities that are a part of our festival.  While I think it would be a lot of fun for Brood Farm to enter a float in the parade, we've just got too many other responsibilities this week for me to be able to make that a reality.  Oh, well.  Some other year, I hope. 

My kiddos, like most Cave City kiddos, are picky about their watermelon.  But, when it's good melon, they eat it at every meal during this time of the year.  In honor of this week's festival, here are a few pics of the kids from melon seasons past.


Girl 1's first watermelon festival as a Cave City resident-- Aunt Christine loaned us this dress that cousin Samantha had worn many years before. 


And, here is Girl 2 in the same dress.  If you know her today, you know that that look I'm getting in this pic is entirely about the dress.  But, isn't she adorable?  Those eyes just kill me!  And, the unruly hair.  :)


And, of course, Boy -- his first Cave City watermelon season. This is what mischief looks like!   It's hard to believe that this was 4 years ago.  What's a little backyard-sprinkler-playing/dirt-pile-digging fun without some watermelon to finish it off?  This kid could eat his weight in watermelon-- then and now!