Brooding On

Old Frame Gets a Makeover

This project all started with this old frame which came to me courtesy of my mom.  (Thanks, Mom!)  The goal was to create a crackled, antique effect for the frame and use it as a chalkboard to hang by the front door.

 First, I dissassembled the frame and painted the glass with chalkboard paint.

Next, I painted the frame with a dark brown paint.  This is the color that will show through the cracks of the top color when it's all done.

After I allowed that to dry for a few hours, I put a thick coat of Elmer's School Glue on the frame. 

I let the glue dry until it was tacky but not runny, then painted the top color, being careful to brush in only one direction (either left-to-right or right-to-left, but not back and forth)

For my top color, I chose an off-white (because I already had it).

When the glue under the topcoat dries, it pulls the topcoat apart and makes a crackle effect.  I'm just now realizing that you can't actually see it very well in this picture.  Sorry.  But, I am in the middle of a wreath project that will hang next to the chalkboard, so I promise, dear readers, to get a better photo of the frame when I post about the wreath.