Brooding On

DIY Herbicide

Roundup, oh, Roundup, how terrible are you for our environment?  Let me count the ways.  (Actually, I'm not going to preach right now about the importance of avoiding Roundup, but if you're interested, pick up the April issue of Mother Earth News and read the article about the Genetically Modified Seeds and Roundup Resistant crops and why they're bad news bears. 

Anyway, we wanted our weeds growing in sidewalk cracks to meet a more earth-friendly demise this year, so we concocted some of our own herbicide spray.  WARNING:  do not spray this in your garden.  It is not desciminating and will kill everything green in its path.  This makes it a great option, though, for sidewalk cracks and edging. 
Get ready.  The recipe is very difficult.  Got your paper ready?  (Are you sensing the sarcasm yet?)
The concoction is just equal parts dish soap, salt, and white vinegar.

We just mixed it all together,  but the salt took awhile to dissolve.  When we make it next time, I will heat the vinegar on the stove before adding the salt. I think that would help it dissolve faster.

Then, add to a spray bottle (for small jobs) or a sprayer (for larger jobs) and say goodbye to those stubborn weeds.