Brooding On

My Gifts to Our Home's Future Owners

Things are moving right along on the sale of our house.  Just this morning, I hosted a termite inspector so that he could verify we are termite-free.  Before he headed into the backyard, he asked me whether there was a dog he needed to worry about.  Don't fault me, please.  "Nope," I told him.  What?  Molly is penned up, so it wasn't a lie.  And, he didn't ask about goats, chickens, or cats.  I admit, I watched through the window as he worked while Maggie clucked along behind him.  If I'd thought any of our animals might get in his way, I'd have let him know, but this was just too much fun for me.  :)


Spring is upon us.  And, as we depart this house, we will be leaving some gifts for the future owners in the backyard -- like these gorgeous berries . . .


and garlic and shallots . . .


and red leaf lettuce.  Actually, that lettuce looks really good.  Maybe I'll have that for lunch.  ;)

Happy Friday!