Brooding On

Chip, Romping Around

Chip is now 2 weeks old, and, weighing in at 16 lbs., he has now doubled his birth weight.

I'm glad he's still managing to put on weight despite how annoyed his momma is by his feeding attempts (as seen in the video).  In the background, you can see his Auntie Nutmeg up on the milkstand, finishing up her breakfast.  Honey, Chip's mother is not incredibly "maternal."  She lets him eat enough, but if she's eating, she won't let him eat.  And, many times, she refuses to put up with his childish attempts to play.  That's when he turns to Auntie Nutmeg.  I've taken to calling her that because she also lives in the pen with the mother/son pair and is much more tolerant of Chip.  In fact, during afternoon naptime, Chip is more likely to be curled up with Auntie Nutmeg than with Momma!