Brooding On

All New: Shaving Soap

2 More New Soaps this Week! 

Introducing the Beach Ready Shaving Bar.  This new formula is lightly scented with coconut and includes Bentonite clay, which helps provide nice glide for your razor.  It really does leave legs silky smooth, and the scent will have you dreaming of the beach!  (Men, John reports that this soap is also great for face, but if you'd rather wait for the "Him"-scented shaving bar to finish curing, I'd completely understand.)


And, also this week, I've got Antique Rose (formerly called Rose Clay).  People often ask me which soap is my favorite, and that's a tough call.  I like them all.  If I make a batch that I don't like, I just don't make that one again.  (And, yes, that has happened on more than one occasion -- my apologies to all of you who loved Sandalwood, for example.)

But, if I'm being honest, Antique Rose is my absolute favorite.  First of all, I love rose fragrance.  I always have.  And, it reminds me of my sweet sister because she used to be a big rose fan, too.  But, the clay is what makes this one even more wonderful.  It's hard to describe, but it lends a bit of an earthy fragrance and feels absolutely luxurious on the skin.  LOVE IT!  

So, while I really do think that all my regularly-available soaps are great, I must admit that this is the one in MY shower right now.  :)