Brooding On

Living Congruously with My Intentions

Confession:  Sometimes on a beautiful day, when there are about 450 things I should be doing instead, I curl up on my outdoor bed and read a book while my baby goat snoozes in my lap and my kids are running and laughing in the yard.  Well, at least, that's what I did Saturday.  And I greatly enjoyed this one -- Notes From a Blue Bike:  The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World by Tsh Oxenreider (No, I didn't mistype that.  She really has no vowel in her first name!).  

Here's an excerpt: "As a working mom with three small children and a busy husband, I'm continually torn between convenience and doing the hard work of living congruously with my intentions.  I want to feed my family the nourishing food they were created to eat, I want us to live in better appreciation with the seasons of nature and have our meals reflect that, and I want to support companies, farmers, and brands that treat people and planet fairly.  But living intentionally means following through with those good intentions I'll often wave away with a blithe, 'Oh, we'll get there eventually.'"

Does that sound like anyone else?  I find myself there a lot.  


Confession #2:  This photo really has nothing to do with this particular blog post, but I hate to make a post without a photo.  I snapped this one as I walked through the garden and found myself amazed that those beans have actually sprouted.  When I put Little Boy in charge of sowing those rows and then saw him plunging them a good four inches deep before mounding them with more soil, I knew (thanks to my Master Gardener's training ;) that they would surely never sprout.  And, yet!  Four plants per square, I told him.  Two on each side of the trellis, I told him.  Looks like he did it perfectly!