Brooding On

Barn Organization


So, I've missed a few days of blogging over the last couple of weeks. Either you haven't noticed, or you're not too angry about it because I haven't heard any complaints. :)

Hopefully, you understand that moving a farm while simultaneously keeping it going is quite a chore.  

I really need to be sorting through things in the house, but I hate to get too far into that until I have a place to pile all the yard sale stuff.

I need to pile all the yard sale stuff in the garage, but I hate to start piles in the garage until we've had a chance to sort through the garage contents.

I can't go through the garage contents until we're ready to haul the things we're keeping over to the barn at the farm.

We can't haul things over to the barn at the farm until it has shelving and other places to put things.  


So, Priority #1 is getting the barn set up.  Oh, how I do love a good organizational challenge!  And, John seems to be getting into the barn set-up design as well.   As seen in the above pics, we've got a pretty nice shelving system in place that makes use of aisles to access items.  The wire shelving on casters features lots of bins for holding tools and hardware.


And we've been busy hanging peg board and other hanging systems to get farm implements up off the floor.


Isn't this little hanger ingenious?  

Oh, and what is Little Boy busy doing while the girls are "photo bombing" my pics of the barn?  Well, he's turtle hunting, of course.  "Mom, take my picture with my turtle.  I LOVE him!"