Brooding On

We've Got News!

Pregnancy test results are in . . .

We attempted to breed five does and . . . ALL FIVE ARE PREGNANT!

I'm so excited that I just keep periodically shouting out "Goat Babies!"  The kids thought it was really fun at first.  Now, I'm starting to get some eye rolls, but I just can't help it.  Beginning the end of February, we should have little ones tromping around the farm.  There's just nothing cuter than a goat baby!

Pictured above are Nutmeg and Oreo, the father of all the babies that will be born this spring.  Yep, this buck really got the job done for us this year!   

Stay tuned for more on the gals' pregnancies and why I'm SO EXCITED that Nutmeg especially will be a Momma this spring!

I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday yesterday and found much for which to give thanks.  Here on the farm, we are especially thankful for the many things that can't be found in any Black Friday sale paper -- our Savior, health, family, and the promise of these little ones headed our way this spring  . . .just to name a few.  :)