Brooding On

Here's Hoping!

Our trusty vet came out this week to assist us in drawing blood for pregnancy testing.  

The last time we tried to draw blood, things didn't go so well, so we wanted an expert with us this time to teach us how to do things.  The gals were mostly very cooperative.  

It turns out that Nutmeg, our biggest goat, has veins like garden hoses, so she was pretty easy to draw from.  Lil' ole Star was another story entirely.  By that point, I was the one manning the needle, but when I had a hard time and needed help, even Doc had a hard time finding that tiny vein!  


We've attempted to breed 5 gals this fall.  Who all is pregnant?  These tubes hold the answers!  We're hoping to hear back from the lab within the week.  Fingers crossed!