Brooding On

Nutmeg's Before and After Pics

Nutmeg has a new 'do!  While she sported her lovely beard without shame, I decided it was time for a change.  


Here's a BEFORE pic:


And another BEFORE  -- "Hey, crazy goat lady, I'm trying to eat here."






While I find the lack of beard rather, ummm, feminizing, that was not the reason I scheduled her with the barn barber.  

In fact, I'd been hesitant to trim that beard because (I know this sounds weird, but) I kept thinking of how I've always heard that cats lose their sense of balance when their whiskers are cut.  Could a goat beard trim have an adverse effect?

All it took was one look at her on a freezing day when she lifted her head from the water trough to realize that the beard had to go.  It would surely be one long icicle all winter long!  And, who wants a giant icicle hanging from their chin all winter?  Sounds awful.  

So, I did what I had to do, and I must say . . . I think she looks just smashing!i