Brooding On

2013 Year in Review: Part 2

Here we go!


We made some amazingly wonderful chevre and grew some of the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes my eyes had ever beheld. 


We officially began construction on the road, marking the beginning of what will no doubt be the long process of our move to the new farm. And, I ultimately lost my long war with the squash bugs in the backyard. 


We put the house on the market (someone please buy it!), and I revealed the recipe to the most delicious tomato soup you'll ever taste (or floss your teeth with -- sorry, inside joke). 


I wrote a fun post about candy corn that was entirely true but written for the sole purpose of making my sister smile (it worked, by the way).  And, we gave Razz a rest from milking until after she's kidded.  (5 weeks or so until the big day!)


We brought 100+ chickens and a dog home to our farm -- because things just weren't crazy enough here already.  ;)  Also, we launched this new, beautiful website (Thank you, John!). 


My soap sales went through the roof and left me absolutely sold out!  I'm working feverishly even now to replenish my stock.  And, the animals all survived the first big snow storm of the season. 


That just about brings us up to date.  Oh, also in 2013, this blog gained more and more readership each month.  Please don't think that I take that for granted.  I absolutely love to hear from readers.  And, just knowing that you're out there and that I'm able to make you laugh or smile or even sometimes roll your eyes brings me more joy than you know.  Thanks for being a part of our 2013!