Brooding On

Follow-up Friday: The House is Officially on the Market!

Yep, we've taken the next step and listed the house!  

As excited as I am about our new farm and what lies ahead, I must admit -- seeing the sign in the yard gives me pause.

This house has been a great one for us, and it holds so many, many memories.  Thankfully, those memories will not be sold along with the house;  we get to pack them up and take them with us to whatever lies ahead.  Our life as a family thus far has taught us that our identity and security are not tied up in our things.  

As I stood back and took this pic of the house, I was reminded of the video I made of the house when we were buying it.  I stood way out here on the road and talked excitedly as I scanned the yard about all the ways the house would be perfect for us, as Girl 1 toddled around in the driveway.  For over seven years, we've called this house home, and it has turned out to be perfect for us.  

Now that we feel a calling to move on, we pray that this house will become someone else's perfect place.  

Oh, and don't miss tomorrow's post!  Here's a teaser:  an old college buddy is the guest blogger!