Brooding On

2013 Year in Review: Part 1

I realize we're a few days into 2014 already, but I've been a little busy and haven't gotten to fully appreciate and closeout 2013.  So, in tribute to a great year, here's a look back at some of our more notable blog happenings from 2013.


We began the year by mourning the sudden loss of our little buckling Copper.  This was a first here at the farm.  And, I revealed a great, easy recipe for making your own lotion (no need for goat milk for this recipe). 


We turned the guest room into a grow room as we began our little seeds under the fluorescent lights we hung over the bed.  And, I shared the recipe for CrockPot Spinach Tortellini Soup, which has been the most popular recipe shared on the blog to date. 


As part of my Lenten observance, I went a full week without makeup (still can't believe I did it), and all three of our goat kids finally arrived!  These were the first babies born on our farm. 


I got to write the column for the local running club and was so excited to get to share my story of overcoming obstacles.  And, our spring batch of chicks arrived!  They were so adorable.  Now, of course, they call the freezer home.  ;)


We had our first major attack on our chickens.  Luckily, our little Nancy Drew was ready and willing to solve the mystery.  Also, we survived a crazy, busy day with no vehicles by pulling our little red wagon all over town.  It was unconventional, but we made it work. 


In June, I was able to host a few guest bloggers, including Bethany Richardson, who wrote this great piece on Living with Perspective.  And, instead of the cold, hard mounds of earth that are in the backyard right now, my garden looked like this



For the rest of our year in review, check back in tomorrow.  :)