Brooding On

Our Eggs Are Officially For Sale!

So, first off, Happy New Year!  I've got several year-end and year-beginning posts in the works, but this just seems like too big of news to put off, so those other posts will have to wait. 

Our eggs are finally ready for sale! 


As you may recall, we brought home over a 100 pullets in November.  Only a couple of them were laying at the time, but we knew we were on the brink of being overrun by eggs.  It seems we're there.  We'd been thinking "around the first of the year," so it makes a lot of sense that I'm writing this post on January 1st!


Some of the chickens are still laying adorable little pullet eggs, but others are laying enormous ones, so in a dozen, it all evens out.  :) Our eggs are from our happy, healthy flock of pastured, free-range, antibiotic-free chickens, and I'm pretty sure you'll both taste and see the difference if you're accustomed to store-bought eggs. 


I've designed the sign by the road to hang on hooks, so that I can take it down when/if we are out of eggs, saving you a trip up to the porch.  If you see the sign out, though, just make your way to the porch, where you'll see this set-up.  The mini-fridge is stocked, and you may deposit your $3 in the jar.  If you have any empty cartons to donate, just leave them in the basket below. 

Oh, and, yes, there may be a small contingent of cats on the porch.  They will act like they're starving, but I assure you they are well-fed.  They're probably just hoping you'll pet them, so feel free to do so.  They're all very friendly.  :)

(If you're headed through Cave City and aren't sure where to find us, it's very easy.  Just turn onto Hwy. 115 by the Subway, then keep an eye out for our "Eggs" sign.  We'll be the first driveway on the left, just before you make it to the Methodist Church.)