Brooding On

Our Mommas-To-Be

We are now about 5 weeks away from potential kidding season.  It's about this time that the ladies should be beginning to show.  It seems with us humans, we repeat-Mommas are the first ones to show.  But, in the backyard, it's Izzy (the light-colored doe at center) who, though kidding for the first time, seems to be adding girth the fastest. 

They're definitely all exhibiting an increase in appetite.  Once fed their hay ration for the day, the three of them gather round the feeder and munch . . . and munch . . . and munch until it's all gone.  Today, once they'd finished, Izzy tried out her pregnant "waddle" as she sauntered back off into the field.  :) 

I just love goat kidding season!  Let the countdown begin.