Brooding On

Headed to the Stock Pot

When we order our chicks from the hatchery, they always surprise us with one "free exotic" chicken.  In our experience, the freebie always turns out to be a rooster.  Ugghh.  I am not a fan of roosters.  This fella has grown up with the small backyard flock and has recently begun his adolescent crowing.  That crowing was just fine last week when he was doing it at about 6 o'clock in the morning.  Surely our neighbors will tolerate a rooster that crows at 6.  BUT. . . last night, he began crowing (right outside our bedroom window) at 1:30 in the morning.  1:30!!!!  And, he kept it up.  The first words out of John's mouth this morning were something like  "I like to think we take thoughtful care of all our animals, but that ridiculous rooster will be in the stockpot TONIGHT!" 


So, farewell, feathered friend.  It seems it's death row for you. 

If someone would like to rescue this fella here in the 11th hour, you'd better make your wishes known before John makes it home from the bank this evening. ;)  I'd gladly "disappear" him to a nearby farm if anyone else thinks they can tolerate his messed up internal clock.