Brooding On

New Uses for Old Things

You may remember these from my post on convenience foods.  One of the ways I've justified to myself the purchase of these yummy grapefruit segments was my plan to reuse the containers.
So,  once I'd amassed a good number of them, I set about removing the labels and filling them up with pantry staples.  These containers are great for such uses because . . .
1.  They are wide-mouthed and therefore easy to scoop out of.
2.  They are shaped in such a way that they are easily gripped.
3.  They stack well and are the perfect height to stack two-high on my pantry shelves. 

I usually make use of Goo Gone to get off the sticky stuff leftover from labels.  This time, I used peanut butter and had great results.  I felt a little weird using our organic, unsalted peanut butter that comes from our co-op, though.  Maybe I should pick up a tub of the cheap stuff to use for label removal in the future.  :)