Brooding On

Canning Craze!

Despite the blood, sweat, and tears involved (okay, no tears yet, but blood and sweat, for sure), I can't seem to get enough of canning!  In fact, I just completed my second canning project of the day. 
I'm making good use already of my new metal bowls.  Heretofore, the bowls on the right were the only mixing bowls we owned.  They are great and get lots of use, but they weren't cutting it for this homesteader-in-training.  I went this morning (at 7:40am -- yes, they were open that early) to visit my neighbor/church family member at his restaurant supply company and purchased 2 of these 16 qt. metal mixing bowls.  I love them!

Tonight, I canned some more Cinnamon Pears for Little Boy.  I asked Girl 2 whether she'd like to try some, but she was skeptical.  Little Boy tried to convince her, "They REALLY good!  They like marshmallows and cinnamon and cookies!"  She was sold (and who wouldn't be?)  And, guess what?  She's a big fan, too.  I made them just like we did in my canning club meeting, only I did chunks instead of slices and opted to leave out the food coloring.

I'm on such a canning kick and still have several recipes I plan to try.  In fact, I thought about making this "Canning Week" on the blog and can something different everyday.  It became apparent today, though, that "Canning Week" would also be "Neglect-Your-Preschooler Week," so we may have to space things out a bit.  But, be warned, there will be more canning in this blog's near future!