Brooding On

Mystery Chicken

This little gal is our mystery chicken.  The hatchery we use shipped us a free "exotic breed" chick with our most recent order of meat chickens.  She's now got some of her adult feathers, but we're still not much closer to identifying her breed.  The other night, John was squatted down outside the coop comparing her to chicken photos he'd pulled up on his smart phone.  Still, we're unsure.  What does seem to be clear is that she is a SHE.  That's good news.  We'd have had a tough decision to make if it had turned out to be male, since he wouldn't have beefed up enough to be worth much in the way of meat and obviously would be useless as a layer.  As an exotic, she may not be a very prolific layer, but at least she won't wake us up crowing and will make an addition to our breakfast somewhat regularly.