Brooding On

Hear that? It's the Sound of Progress!

Even now, as I sit here on the sofa typing this, I can hear the sounds of progress coming from the backyard. 

Let me explain.  A few years back, we bought the open field behind our house, mostly just to ensure that no one would build right behind us.  Since then, we've amassed a small farm in the backyard and have decided that it's time to make better use of that acre and a half just sitting back there.
Here's the field.  It's currently unfenced, but that is about the change.  It'll soon be surrounded by goat-proof fencing and contain a separate pen we plan to use to keep the bucks away from the gals.

Right now, our yard has privacy fencing on three sides and chain-link along the back (between the backyard and open field).  But, chain-link is not tall enough or sturdy enough for goats, so it's got to go. 

Luckily, John has buddies with fun toys.

Here he is knocking down one of the fence posts.

And here, the fence is down!

Now, he's working at further clearing the west fence-line, which is pretty overgrown.  Friday, the guy building the fence will be putting in posts; and by sometime next week, our goats should be able to frolic in and munch the fresh grass!