Brooding On

Lemon Cream Pie

As I discovered when I asked for comments about favorite pies, a bunch of you readers love a good lemon pie.  So, as a gift to you, I'd like to share this recipe I found.  If you frequently get a hankerin' for a lemon pie, this recipe is definitely one to add to your box.  It comes from this month's Real Simple.  Click here for the link to the recipe (and much better pics of a much more put-together looking pie).
I think these are the ingredients that MAKE the pie! 
The crust is made of crushed gingersnaps.  And the filling uses real lemon zest and juice.

Everyone loved the pie.  Girl 1 said she could do without the lemon zest, but it didn't stop her from gobbling up her slice at dinner last night.  Then, this morning, my little lawyers were hard at work trying to convince me that a slice of lemon pie qualifies as fruit so that they could have it for their morning snack.  (I let it slide this time, since I was ready for another slice myself ;)

Okay, maybe I should work on my pie-serving skills.  Thankfully, it still tastes great.  And, seriously, to see much better pics and to get the recipe, check out the original recipe.