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Truly All-Natural Laundry Soap!

Though I've been making my family's laundry detergent for quite awhile, even using Ivory soap doesn't make it completely natural.  Once I began soap making, I set out to create an all-natural soap especially formulated for laundry. 

This Coconut Laundry Soap is all-natural and is formulated differently than body soap (making it much better for laundry use than Ivory).  It contains Coconut oil, which lathers and cleans well but will not build up on fabric and rinses away better than traditional soap during the wash cycle.  This soap is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is handmade by yours truly.  :)

Since this is a product that is not easily obtained in stores and I've made more than I necessarily need, I'd love to make it available to you via the blog.  If you'd like to order one of the 3 products listed below, please email me (Ashley) at

I will sell this soap in 3 different forms:

1.  Baggie of Shredded Soap.  If you plan to add the soap to your own laundry mix, this just saves you a step.  This amount is enough to mix with a full box of Borax and Washing Soda to create enough detergent to last you months. 
$5.00 + cost of shipping (if applicable)

2.  1 qt. jar of prepared laundry detergent.  If you haven't yet tried homemade laundry detergent, this would be a cost and resource-effective way to try it without a big commitment.  This jar, containing a mix of Borax, Washing Soda, and my Coconut Laundry Soap, is ready to use and since it takes only 2 Tbs.-1/4 c. per load (depending on your water), it should last you long enough to decide whether you'd like to continue using DIY laundry detergent.  In fact, this one jar should last about 30 loads.
$3.00 + cost of shipping

3.  Bar form.  This bar is 2" in diameter.  It can be shredded to add to your own mix of detergent or can be used in its bar form as a stain pre-treater. 
$2.50 + cost of shipping (if applicable)
(Available 6/27)