Brooding On

My First Wreath

Oh, Pinterest.  We've developed a bit of a love/hate relationship, I'm afraid.  Just when I think I might be finished with all my projects, I settle in for a few moments of rest and check out Pinterest. . . And the projects begin to pile up again.  Anyway, this wreath (which I love) was inspired by this website which had been Pinned.  Check it out and see how I mimicked the original.  I must have referred to the photo 30 times during the course of all that hot gluing.
These burlap flowers were ridiculously easy to make.  I learned how to make them on this website.  One great thing about using burlap is that the resulting wreath is appropriate for all seasons. 

Mom, I hope you like it.  You'll be getting one as a belated birthday present.  :)

Oh, and here's that up-close shot of the crackled frame I promised you.  :)