Brooding On

Help Us Name This Cute Little Goat!

As mentioned in yesterday's post, we will soon be bringing home 5 adorable goats.  And, you, dear readers, get to help us name one of them!  Aren't you excited?!!?

So, here he is, the currently unnamed cutie!  He is considered red in color with a white "belt" around his belly.  He is just a little buckling right now, but he will later serve our herd by siring future kids. 

Here's how we'll do this.  You can make your name suggestions by commenting either on this post or on my FaceBook link to this post (please identify yourself when giving your nominations so that I can be sure to give you credit for your ideas).  I will collect name suggestions until Tuesday.  At that time, I'll create a sidebar poll to allow all readers to vote for their favorite nominees through the end of the week.  With your help, we can have this little one named in one week's time! 

So, put on your thinking cap (or ask your kids to come up with something fun) and submit those names!  I can't wait to hear what you come up with!