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DIY Succulent-Topped Pumpkin

As I'm writing, it's Labor Day.  Therefore, I am declaring it "fall" here on the farm.  The past couple of weeks, we've been harvesting pumpkins and enjoying cooler temps, and it has made me oh-so-ready for fall.  So, today, I got craftsy and put together this cute little pumpkin for the coffee table. 


I love this project for several different reasons:

1.  It's different.  Until I saw a pic of this on Pinterest, I'd never seen or heard of it, but I liked the idea of trying something different with pumpkins this fall.

2.  It incorporates succulents, which are really having a moment right now, are super easy to care for, and I already had on hand (as seen in the pic below, they had previously been a part of my sugar mold table centerpiece).


3.  To create it, you don't have to cut into the pumpkin, so it's supposed to last all season.

4.  Supposedly, the succulents will root down into the pumpkin as they grow.  Then, at season's end, you can just cut off the succulent-covered top of the pumpkin and put it in a new pot. 

5.  It's so very easy!  Equipped with a hot glue gun, this project took me 5 minutes to complete!


What's your favorite way to use pumpkins for fall decorating?


As I pile the barn full of pumpkins from the field, I had half a mind to take some to this past Saturday's market.  To his credit, John didn't call me crazy out loud, he just gently reminded me that it wasn't even Labor Day yet, so I decided to leave the pumpkins in the barn.  Though, in my defense, I have had a few milk and egg customers purchase pumpkins while they were here, so I'm not the only one thinking fall!

Anyway, at our next market, September 16, we will definitely arrive with our pumpkins in tow!

Here's the link to the article I used to create my succulent-topped pumpkin, complete with step-by-step directions: