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Some Schoolwork Worth Sharing

I love how very techy our Cave City Schools are these days!  When Esther has completed a piece of artwork, I get an email and with one click, I can view her latest work as well as her own description of it.  If I were so inclined, I could, with but one more click, have that same artwork printed across a coffee mug or t-shirt.  Wow.

So, here is the latest artwork I received an email about. It was done for her 7th grade art Memory Collage project.  Below is her description.

My project is over one of my memories, when we got our first chickens. This memory is important to me because getting chickens led to getting goats, then moving to the farm where I live now. You will notice that there is a chicken outside of the pen. This did not actually happen in my original memory. The chicken is representing how we were new to the whole farming thing. My dad is the main caretaker of the chickens, even now. I remember one time when I went in the chicken pen with my good shoes on, never doing that again. Once my mom wore opened toed shoes with bright toenail polish into the chicken pen and they thought it was food.
In this memory you can only see five chickens but we originally had eight. Now we have about 150 chickens at our farm. We also sell our eggs that the chickens make. My job is to raise the chicks until they are old enough to lay eggs and go to live with the bigger and older chickens.