Brooding On

Milk Reserves

Milking for 2014 has come to an end.  I'm pretty sure that it also has to do with the kids being out of school, but my days have seemed pretty unscheduled and chaotic without milking time serving as the bookends of my day.  I miss my quality time with my milkers and the rhythm it provides my days.


But, being without fresh milk doesn't mean that soap production has to stop.  I use milk cubes for soap making and I've got them stockpiled for winter!  Top shelf is the chicken we still have left.  Then I've got one full shelf of milk.  Then, we've still got a shelf full of beef, and another bunch of milk cubes at the bottom.  By my calculations, this should be enough to keep me soapmaking right through our dry spell, so long as we're able to have fresh milk again by March 1 -- which is the current plan. 

So, for all our milk customers, we won't have any fresh milk for awhile yet.  However, should you need just a little bit to cure some pink eye over the course of the winter, please give me a call, and I can supply you with a couple milk cubes to get the job done.  (For those of you unfamiliar with this, I can't seem to find the link to my old blog post about it, but a few drops in an infected eye will typically cure pink eye, and you can save a trip to the doctor!)