Brooding On

Winter Soap Scent: Into the Woods

Last week, I asked you for help in narrowing down my soap inventory to free me up for more experimentation with new scents this year.  You totally failed me . . . but in a good way.  It turns out that so many of you LOVE so many of the scents that we currently stock,  I just don't feel like I can cut one out right now.  So, thank you, I guess.  :)

I will still be playing around with some new soap ideas this year and offering a seasonal scent in addition to the stock I plan to always have available:  Charcoal Cucumber, Oatmeal Cinnamon, Live Well, White Tea and Ginger, Pure, and Him. 


Those 6 scents are currently stocked at Mattie's in Cave City, Olde Towne Mall in downtown Batesville, and on our new Etsy store.  Additionally, you will find these bars available this winter only.  I call this scent "Into the Woods." Like this season's popular movie that shares its name, this soap's scent will transport you into the woods. 


If this week's weather isn't enough to lure you outdoors, maybe this scent will get you ready for a hike through the winter woods.

And, seriously.  This weather!  This pic was taken yesterday from my outdoor bed, where I took a brief Sunday afternoon nap before joining the kiddos down at the basketball court for the rest of the afternoon.  Can you make them out in the picture?  One is already at the court, the other two are sprinting toward it, and two of the three are in shorts.  SHORTS!!!