Brooding On

Fall Y'all!

It's "Fall, Y'all"!  Okay, it's not really.  Not yet.  But, that's what I had planned to name this new soap.  That is, it's what I'd planned to name it until I ran the idea by Girl 1 who responded with that look that proves she's now officially a preteen and basically communicates, "You can't possibly be serious."

So, I went with a more traditional name. But, it definitely hints at the yumminess of this soap.  The smell of it conjures images in my head of leaf piles and carved pumpkins and weenie roasts and mums in bloom and . . . and. . . and (I think I'm ready).


This is a limited edition Brood Farm Goat Milk Soap.  It will have it's big coming out party this Saturday at the Main Street Market (be there, or be square -- oh, and be there early or you may as well not be there -- everything sells out early).  If supplies allow, I will then stock it in my regular booths at Olde Towne Mall and Mattie's.  Once I run out, I'll be out (until next year if it gets good reviews), so if you love it, plan to stock up!

We are looking forward to a great market Saturday.  We'll have lots of soaps and eggs, and we'll debut this Pumpkin Spice soap.  But that's not all.  I've got another very exciting product that will roll out this Saturday.  Are you excited?  Are you on the edge of your seat?  

Well, sit back for a day or so. . . All will be revealed in the next blog post.  ;) Stay tuned.