Brooding On

Custom Labeling for Christmas Soaps!

Last year at Christmas, I found myself unprepared for how big a hit our soaps would be.  Sure, I knew that they would make great stocking stuffers and teacher gifts and co-worker gifts and all.  I just hadn't anticipated how many of YOU would figure that out.  In fact, I sold totally out.  And, since it takes me a month from the beginning to the end of the soap making process, our family had to resort to BUYING SOAP FROM THE STORE!  It was a low point.  ;)

But this year will be different.  This year, I am ready.  And, I am so excited about offering you this opportunity to give away soaps with adorable custom labels this year.  

I mean, really, aren't these great?  Are you so excited?  



This year, you can give your loved ones hand-crafted, locally produced, natural soaps that have your name and Christmas greeting on them!    

Soap will sell for $4 a bar, as usual.  When you total up your order, you'll just add $5.00 to the total to cover the cost of the custom labeling.  Yep, that's it -- $5.00.


Ready to order?  You've got some decisions to make.

1.  How many bars do you need?  Because of how many labels print on a page, there is a 20 bar minimum.  So, count up those piano teachers, Sunday School teachers, Secret Santa pals, and everyone else lucky enough to get a bar and get your magic number.  Then add about 5 more bars -- you know you'll think of others later!

2.  Decide which design you prefer.  The red label is designed to go on the red/green/white chevron ribbon.  The green label is paired with the red burlap ribbon.  

3.  Choose your soaps.  You may choose any combination of the following classic Brood Farm scents:  Charcoal Cucumber, Oatmeal Cinnamon, Live Well, and White Tea and Ginger.  

4.  Decide what greeting you'd like.  Ex. Merry Christmas   or We wish you a Merry Christmas!  or Happy Holidays or Will you marry me? (If you should choose this last one, I will make an exception to the 20 bar minimum and go ahead and print you just one of these) or whatever else you little heart desires. That's the beauty of a custom order!  But, keep it short and simple.  Too many words will make the print so small that it will become difficult to read.

5.  Place your order.  It takes me a full month to produce a bar of soap, from start to finish.  So, I have to have advanced notice.  I will accept orders no later than November 15th.  See me at Saturday's market to pick up an order form or print one out yourself and mail it to me along with your down payment. 

6.  Make your down payment.   Half your total is due at the time of order.  The other half is due at delivery or BEFORE I ship your soap out, if you'll be receiving it by mail.  

I'm very excited to be offering this product this year and hope that it will be well received.  If you know you'd like to order, please do not procrastinate!  There is no way for me to speed up my process, so I do require the full month to complete your order.   If you have any additional questions for me, please let me know!