Brooding On

For Shame!

As mentioned earlier this week, our eggs are more in demand than ever. We've even cut back on our own consumption of the little jewels to help meet customer demand.  Last week, I literally cried when on the day before delivery, I had a little mishap in the chicken wagon, bumping my head on the egg basket and sending it flying.  I'd already sold those (now broken) eggs!  Then, this week, I may have overreacted just a bit when one of the kids (I won't mention who), actually STEPPED IN the egg basket, breaking 1/2 dozen eggs.  

And, we are always juggling to be sure that the babies who need our goat milk have enough.  That means that sometimes we go without cereal for a day or two.  

So, when Girl 1 decided that she wanted to serve waffles for her friends at her slumber party, and I realized that I was cooking breakfast at church that same morning and needed to just ramp up the waffle production in order to cover both events, I knew what I was going to have to do . . .


Yep.  We bought milk and eggs at the store.  And, worse, we were in town to make our egg delivery, so we were all in our Brood Farm shirts.  Girl 1 was mortified: "Mom, what if someone sees?  This is CRAZY!  Let's at least try to bury them under other stuff in the cart!"

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  If the Sunday morning menu involved scrambled eggs, I wouldn't have gone this route.  I'm justifying my purchases by telling myself that it's okay since the milk and eggs are intended to be mere ingredients in the waffles, not the breakfast centerpiece. 

And yet . . . I somehow feel the need to get it all off my chest.  It's shameful, I know.  

Just know, dear customers, how much we love you.  And how much we are willing to sacrifice to keep your fridges stocked with Brood Farm goodness!  ;)