Brooding On

Sweet Auntie Nutmeg

Chocolate Chip, our little buckling born this spring, is now all healed up from his recent dog attack and back to his old, playful self.  He is plenty big enough and old enough and has been acting a bit "bucky" (according to the kids, "trying to get piggy-back rides"), so we decided it was time to turn him out to the boys' field.  This, of course, means that he will be weaned from his momma Honey.  Honey seems to be glad for the break, as she's been trying to kick him off most every time Chip tries to nurse. Today, Honey felt free to roam about the field and graze all day, seemingly unconcerned by Chip's cries from the other side of fence.  

But guess who stayed right up by the fence keeping him company all day?


Yep, good 'ole Auntie Nutmeg.  Nutmeg is not actually Chip's aunt, but she has always been quite maternal with and protective of him.  While he was recuperating from his run-in with the dog, she hung back with him when he couldn't keep up with the herd,  And has always enjoyed laying down for a nap with him.

What a sweet, sweet goat!  Hopefully, in the coming days, Chip will get to know his daddy a little better and become more a part of the male herd.  For now, though, he seems to be taking comfort in Auntie Nutmeg's presence on just-the-other-side of the fence.