Brooding On

Egg Delivery Email List: Get On It!

Ahhh, Facebook.  Except for when I don't, I absolutely love it.  It has been our farm's primary means of communication with our customer base.  BUT, even though you may "like" our page, not all of our posts will show up in your Newsfeed.  (That is so that Facebook can offer me the chance to pay a few dollars per post to make it appear in more people's Newsfeed.  Who can fault them, really?  They've got to make some money somehow.)

But, I get upset when I hear from customers, "What?  Delivery was today?  I didn't get the Facebook notice about it!"  Of course, I've got lots of other potential customers who don't even use Facebook (or don't have access to it at work).  


So, let's launch an email list!  If you're on the list, you'll get an email every Monday asking whether you'd like any eggs delivered that Wednesday.  All you have to do to place your order is reply with how many you'd like.  I'll send you a confirmation email so that you can be assured you'll get your requested 2 dozen or more.  

On Wednesday, I'll deliver to the appointed spot.  

A word on that:  I can deliver to anywhere in Cave City or Batesville.  Not going to be home?  Leave a cooler on the front porch with the cash or check inside.  Got a fridge at work?  I can deliver to you there.  Just be sure you let me know if your order email what hours you plan to be there.

So, let's build this email list!  Comment here, comment on FB, or shoot me a private message containing your email address, and I'll get you on the list!  

Thanks so much to all of our customers!  I'm hoping this little step will make it even easier for you to get these great eggs to your house and onto your plate!