Brooding On

Looks Like We'll Be Moving Soon!!!

Praise the Lord, we have accepted an offer on the house!  

If all goes smoothly, we will be moving to the farm around the beginning of June. 

This all went down Wednesday.  Yep.  Wednesday was a big day here, as it was also the day Chip was born!  


I told the girls, "What an amazing day!  We accepted an offer on the house AND our goat baby was finally born!" 


Girl 2 chimed in with, "AND . . . we found out today that I get my braces off next month!"  

And, Girl 1 followed that with, "AND . . . I bought these Hollywood-awesome sunglasses today!"


So, yes -- lots of exciting things happened Wednesday! ;)

There's still lots to do to prepare the farm for us to move in.  I get a little overwhelmed when I let myself start that mental list.  

At least for today, I want to just revel in the joy brought on by all of Wednesday's good news  and play with that precious goat baby!