Brooding On

New from Brood Farm: Lip Balm

I guess we've had one too many snow days.  

When the kids are home, I can't make soap (I don't want to expose them to the chemicals involved in the process), so we decided to make up a batch of these guys.


Currently available in two varieties, our lip balm is hand-crafted in small (very messy) batches (I had the help of 7 and 9-year-olds).  The Peppermint Lip Balm is extremely moisturizing and all-natural.  The tinted lip balm looks very dark, but it actually goes on pretty sheer and has the same moisturizing properties.  The peppermint essential oil in each of them provides a cool, tingling effect.   


While supplies last, they are available for $3 each at Mattie's Flea Market here in Cave City.  


We restocked today!  So, also available at Mattie's are the ever-popular Charcoal Cucumber soap (get them while they're available!) and the all-new Decadence, a bar especially for you chocolate lovers.  Though it's tempting, please do not eat the soap.  :)