Brooding On

Bonding with My New Gal

While Girl 1 and I enjoyed a dance competition in Nashville this past weekend, John enjoyed some bonding time with Nutmeg.  And, he has definitely been bragging about it.


I knew I had my work cut out for me once I got home. She is MY goat, after all.  ;)  Until yesterday, I hadn't milked her by myself.  I couldn't have hoisted her up onto the milk stand like we'd been having to do.  But, John had made great strides with her while I was gone, so I was eager to try it milking her without his help.

When John called to say he'd be late coming home from work yesterday, I was excited about the opportunity to try milking her all on my own.  Girl 2 wasn't so sure about it, though, and stood by with my phone in hand, ready to call Daddy if something went wrong!  

But, all went smoothly.  Nutmeg jumped up on that stand like a champ and chowed down until I milked her dry, getting right at 2 quarts.  Girl 2 eventually let her guard down enough to take her thumb off the "call Dad" button and take the photo above.  It seems Nutmeg is really getting settled in now, and we're so glad to have her!