Brooding On

Meet Nutmeg

I don't think John knew just how bad my goat-baby obsession had gotten until he read Saturday's post.  It was then that he set out to alleviate my concerns regarding having enough milk to meet demand this season.  

And, so, in keeping with the modern gift for the 13th anniversary, he presented me with a gift of . . . fur --  or, more precisely, an enormous 200-lb. milking doe (who, of course, has lots of fur).  

Meet Nutmeg.  


Isn't she beautiful?

She hails from Scenic River Nubians, a wonderful farm just north of Salem, Missouri.  As an ADGA-registered Nubian from excellent bloodlines, Nutmeg is a nice addition to our prestigious herd.  ;) But, what we're most excited about is this gorgeous gal's milk supply.  Supposedly,  she'll produce more than a gallon of milk per day and because she kidded in January, she's already in milk!     We wouldn't have gotten so lucky as to snatch up such a heavy producer, except that her owners are getting older and looking to cut back on their taxing dairy operation.  


With that much milk headed our way, there should be no shortage of milk, cheese, or yogurt around here!  How very fortunate for us!

And, for you!  It seems we'll have plenty of milk to keep up with the growing Goat Milk Soap demand.  

I guess a dairy goat may not be an ideal anniversary gift for most ladies, but it is absolutely perfect for me.  It seems my husband really gets me.  And, to quote from one of our favorite flicks, The Story of Us, "there is no greater feeling in this world than to feel gotten."