Brooding On

Our Prized Goat

Goats run in a herd.  That's just part of their genetic makeup.  Our goats apparently think that WE are part of their herd.  So, though they have a great, big field to enjoy all day long, they often choose to pile up right by the fence, like this, so that they can see us when we come outside and beg for scratches behind the ears!
Yesterday on the phone, I was talking to the farmer we bought our goats from back in April.  She was telling me how fortunate we are to have Razz, our sweet milker.  She hails from Pruittville Farms, which is one of the really big names in the National Dairy Goat Association.  Apparently, a yearling from Razz's bloodlines won some pretty prestigious awards this year in show, and Mr. Pruitt called our breeder and asked to purchase Razz back from her because of her excellent bloodlines.

Luckily for us, she'd already been sold to us, and we have no intentions of letting her go!  As novice goat owners, we're much more interested, though, in her sweet personality than in her bloodlines.  Still, it's kind of cool to own a goat the Mr. Pruitt is a little envious of.  :)