Brooding On

Weirdo Eggs

These are the kind of eggs you only get to see if you have your own chickens.  They would never make it to market, but they sure are cool.  


We have one chicken who lays these wrinkled eggs. Based on when it appears in the laying box, I am pretty sure that it is the same chicken that provides us the oddly lumpy shell each time; but with 115 or so chickens, it's hard to know exactly which one is putting her own little flair on her daily creation.  


And, then, there was this egg today -- so very, very tiny.  (And, yes, cracked.  Girl 2 happened to drop it on the kitchen floor while she was checking it out.)  It contained no yolk.  My mom (who is here to visit-- yea!) pointed out that it was an egg laid especially for me since I tend to forgo the yellows in my breakfasts.  :)