Brooding On

2014, You've Been Good to Us

Yes, I type my new year's resolutions. And carry them in my planner. Unfortunately, that doesn't make me any more likely to meet every goal. 


For example, the fact that we were between houses during gardening season means that we do not have a pantry full of homegrown canned goods. So, becoming a dedicated "backyardigan" was pretty tough, though we do still enjoy our own chicken and avoid grocery store meat (with the exception of some occasional pork).

But, the Main Street Farmers' Market, which we hadn't even heard of when I was writing my 2014 resolutions was a HUGE success and really helped us market our goods this year. 

A year ago today, we had more eggs than we could sell and were donating them to area charities. We had no idea that 2014 would eventually bring demand that far exceeds supply. What a blessing, indeed! 

I was able to complete my Bible reading goal and all running-related goals, but I did not witness a goat birth (unless you count Izzy's miscarriage which was one of the most painful moments of 2014).  This year I plan to camp out on a cot in the barn when I know one of the ladies is in labor. :) 

The goat milk lotion is still in the works. I've gotten it to the point that I love the formula, but I'm not yet satisfied with its shelf life. I need to work on the preservative, but I'm not ready to throw in the towel.  Be on the lookout for Brood Farm lotions in 2015!

This was Brood Farm's 1st official year as an LLC, and it was a big one for us. Our FaceBook page has over 400 likes, the blog continues to get a lot of traffic, and we have thoroughly enjoyed building so many new relationships with customers this year!   

Of course, we also moved to the farm this year. It was quite an undertaking, and in many ways we're still getting settled in to our new life and patterns here. But we are loving getting to wake up at the farm each day and look forward to what 2015 will bring!   Thanks for joining us on this amazing journey. 

How did you do with your 2014 resolutions?