Brooding On

Christmas? We've got something for everyone on your list

Are you ready for this?  Assuming that everyone in your life bathes or showers on a semi-regular basis, we've got everyone on your list covered this Christmas season!  Here are some of our new items that will roll out at Saturday's market:


1. Lumps of coal /  $5 


Thanks, Karen, for this super-cute idea.  Our little coal nuggets are actually chunks of our best selling bar, Charcoal Cucumber.  The little organza bag they're in can actually be used in the shower as a little loofah bag.  

A great gift for . . .  any kiddos on your list or really anyone else you just want to mess with.



2.  Men's Old-fashioned Shaving Sets / $20


These were such a hit at Father's Day that we decided to offer them again for Christmas.  This time, they're packaged in our new, spiffy Brood Farm gift box.  Set includes shaving mug, shaving brush, and bar of "Him"-scented shaving soap.

A great gift for . . . your dad, brother, eclectic cousin, or any other man in your life who could use a little push toward a more clean-shaven look.  



3.   Build-a-Box / $20 for box full of 5 bars of soap


Speaking of our new, spiffy boxes . . . here's your chance to stuff one full of your favorite scents and pass along your love of Brood Farm soaps to someone special on your Christmas list.  Stuff your box full of your choice of 5 Brood Farm soaps to make a snazzy little gift.  

A great gift for . . . Mom, your secret sis, your friend in California who thinks she's the only one who's ever been to a decent farmer's market, or even YOURSELF!


4.  First Christmas soap / $4


Thanks to my Mom for this great idea.  Our First Christmas soap is a reminder of what the season is all about.  Our signature charcoal soap is scented with Frankincense and Myrrh and flecked with Gold.  

A great gift for . . . your son's Sunday school teacher, your Book Club hostess, your Grandmother, yourself (I'm thinking the soap dish in the guest bathroom).



5.  Christmas Tree soap / $4


I absolutely LOVE this scent.  It's like taking a shower with your Christmas tree.  Wait.  That sounded weird.  Let's try something else:  It's like taking a walk through the Christmas Tree Farm.  Yes, that's better.  ;)  I think this scent is like the CK One (anyone else remember that stuff?) of soaps -- it can be for male or female.

A great gift for . . . anyone who shares a shower with someone of the opposite sex, anyone who needs a little nudge toward getting into the Christmas spirit, anyone who (like me) is allergic to evergreens but really wishes she could have real Christmas tree, and basically anyone and everyone else.


6.   Custom Christmas Labeling / $85 for 20 bars


Pass on a personalized greeting for the holidays with these custom labels.  Check out our original post for all the details or download an order form here. It's just fun to give a gift that has your name on it!


A great gift for . . . your daughter's piano teacher, your son's basketball coach, everyone you'll see at Christmas dinner, anyone you haven't bought for but who surprises you with a gift.


See?  Really, something for everyone!  All of these items as well as eggs (of course) will be available Saturday at the Main Street Market in downtown Batesville.  We'd love to see you there!  And, please "share" this link with anyone else you think might be interested in some handcrafted, local, and natural Christmas items this year.